Co-Founder & Software Engineer at Redmonark


I am the co-founder of Redmonark and we're currently working on an open content platform. For the uninitiated, visit and be a part of our effort.

Previously, I've worked as a Web/Mobile app developer and a full-stack JavaScript enthusiast. I've used a large array stacks over the past few years. I started out as a PHP developer who primarily focused on Laravel & MySQL.

Right now, I am a master of many trades, particularly Nodejs, MongoDB, React & React Native. That's the good thing about being a full-stack JavaScript developer. You get to experience it all.

When I'm not wearing my developer hat, I try to be a graphic designer. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the software I use in this field.

In my free time, I write articles with social relevance or I will start with a thread that's in my mind. Usually, I write in Malayalam because I can express each and every bit of feelings to words.

More than all of this, I am a person who born in a small beautiful village Parambath in God's own country Kerala. I have a four-member family Father, Mother, and a young brother.



Storylens is an online publishing platform developed by me and my friend Manjunath and launched in September 1st, 2018. It is owned by Redmonark Corporation.


Techomoro is my blog containing the tutorials and articles on the latest programming technologies. These blog posts are mainly focused on beginners in programming filed. Some articles also contain videos which help visual learners.

Parambath App

Parambath is my native place and I built an Android application which contains all the details about the shops, vehicle services such as autorickshaws, bus timings, festival details, notifications etc. This app is completely based on Malayalam language and anyone can easily follow it.


LensBird is a Technology blog where it contains the simple tech-related articles, news and how to guides. It is strictly focused on people those are not really aware of the new technologies and it's usages.


Youngmenu is a health and wellness blog where it contains the ideas of making our diet plan smarter to achieve a better life. The caption "Better Life Ahead" well explains the content of the blog itself.


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