Syamlal CM

Software Engineer & Internet Entrepreneur,
Founder & CEO at FLOYET Labs & Technologies


Hey there! I'm Syamlal CM, a Software Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur. I'm the Founder and CEO of FLOYET Labs & Technologies - the hub for a diverse portfolio of tech startups.

I specialize in full-stack development, working with Next.js, React.js, Strapi CMS, React Native, Express.js, and MongoDB to build innovative digital solutions.

Skilled in leveraging ChatGPT for coding tasks, I enhance productivity by seamlessly integrating it into my workflow.

You can catch my tech writings on platforms like,, Medium, and and Quora. I cover everything from software development tips to entrepreneurial insights.


Senior Software Engineer (January 2022 - January 2024)
Co-Founder and Full-stack developer (March 2018 - January 2021)


Bachelor of Technology(BTech), Computer Science and Engineering (June 2013- May 2017)