Syamlal CM

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Developer | Graphic Designer | Writer

Discover who I am as a person aside of the above mentioned

About me

I am a Web/Mobile app developer who has been working in this field for 5 years. Most using tools in development for me are Laravel ( a powerful PHP framework ), HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap etc. The biggest advantage of me over other developers is that they may not even see the errors in the browser console as I did and solved in such a small period as a developer.

I also have a little bit of experience as a graphic designer. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the software I use in this field.

In my free time, I write some articles based on the issues in society or about a small thread born in my mind. Usually, I write in my own language Malayalam because I can express each and every bit of feelings to words.

More than all of this, I am a person who born in a small beautiful village Parambath in God's own country Kerala. I have a four-member family Father, Mother, and a young brother.

Programing Languages
C | C++

Ruby on Rails
React Native

My Favorites

I have a small list of favorites that I frequently used in programing.

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Visual Studio Code

It is the most most intelligent code editor from Microsoft which I love the most

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The best browser for a developer in my experience

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It feels an open source software OS is much better than Windows and Mac

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Learning solutions under my company are managed by ARIV. CodeARIV | DevARIV | | TutARIV | KerARIV

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Ecommerce platforms are managed by Vyapaari section.
NexoFarm | TinkleTeddy

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Social Networking platforms are managed here.
Comontra | Napsat

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Live Now

Our relationship with friends families and outside world are being destroyed due to the evolution of technology. We do not have time to talk with someone important to us. We may not even wish them for Festivals.

This is the reason I introduced Festishes where you get tons of wishing messages for your favorites. We have provided you with great User Interface so that you can easily sort your wish from Festishes.

Festishes also have a "Share Wall" where you can share the messages directly to WhatsApp, Facebook, or even Twitter as the link of Festishes. Share wall page has the premium theme as all of your friends like.

You will get a basic idea about my knowledge in developing field with the links below

Contact Me

It has been so much fun to share different thoughts together and also the cultures and languages.Also, if you've got some feedback or just want to say hi, feel free to say g'day.

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